Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #377

From: Eric Rowe (rowe@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Sat 10 Feb 1996 - 10:22:17 EET

> Where can I get a hold of copies of Questlines or King of Sartar? Here
>in Fresno, California it is quite difficult to find RQ stuff unless it is
>currently being sold by Avalon Hill. Addresses are appreciated greatly!

Since I spent 20 years in the 93710 Zip Code I feel obliged to aid you.
King of Sartar is out of print completely at Chaosium, not a single one
left even for 'special' friends of Chaosium. Your best bet is to try
Crazy Egor's or Zocchi, they both stock used/classic games and hunt them
for people on waiting lists. If you want to try them, e-mail me at a reminder and I'll send you their phone numbers (they're
right next to the computer because I give them out a lot).

Eric Rowe


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