Re: Send the Marines!

Date: Sat 10 Feb 1996 - 16:49:06 EET

In Glorantha Digest V2 #377, Erik with a "k" writes:

>The trouble for me would be that the literal farmers dominates their
>caste; it will be more difficult to find a Fair where there is a guy
>which can check out your sailor skills, frex. And they would probably
>put you up as a marine, in that case. (I'm sure there is a special
>designation for the Knights of the Sea..)

I love it! This fits nicely with the parallel between certain elements in
Loskalm and the "Manifest Destiny" faction in the U.S.A. "Fortunately, in
times of crisis we always have our number one tool of diplomacy to fall back
on. Here's a song about that:

"When someone makes a move
"Of which we disapprove,
"Who is it that always intervenes?
"U.N. and O.A.S.,
"They have their place, I guess,
"But first! Send the marines. ...

(Tom Lehrer, "Send the marines").

Sorry about the non-Gloranthan digression, but this PROVES to me that Loskalm
has marines. I disagree with Erik, however, that these guys get to avoid the
KoW. Who do you think mans the Janubian fleet and gets to make amphibious
assaults? Who, for that matter, topples hostile governments in the buffer
states and installs juntas which will prevent the domino effect?

- --Martin


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