Re: Bias in Glorantha?

From: Dennis L Hoover (
Date: Sat 10 Feb 1996 - 19:40:25 EET

All Hail the Reaching Moon!

Now what's all this balderdash about anti-Sartarite bias in Glorantha?

Tim Eccles writes:
>> with this enlightenment, comes a tendency to be anti-Sartarite and
>>view them as dumb barbarians.

I don't think it's an anti-Sartarite bias so much as it is Glorantha
becoming more sophisticated. RQ2 came about in the Star Wars era, complete
with freedom-loving rebels and an Evil Empire to hate. It's world view was
dualistic and simplistic. Glorantha (along with Greg, I think) is becoming
more complex and relativistic. It's still OK to be pro-Sartarite and hate
the Lunars, but this is only the Sartarite perspective. What's changed is
that it used to be the "right" perspective. Now it's OK to have the
pro-Lunar perspective and see the Sartarites as ignorant (not dumb)

As to Sartarites being viewed as dumb, I don't see it. Of course I'm a
known Lunar sympathizer and maybe I can't see my own bias. On the other
hand, maybe you've been viewing the Sartarites as more noble than they
really are. Sartarites can be brave, loyal, honest, and clever. But they
can also be vain, arrogant, quarrelsome, and treacherous. And they've

always been that way, even the oldest Gloranthan sources The Sartarites
are, well, barbarians.

Dennis Hoover


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