RQ Con DU report

From: Dennis L Hoover (dhoover@interramp.com)
Date: Sat 10 Feb 1996 - 22:29:38 EET

The Melbourne con was a great success. I found the Ozzies to be
extraordinarily friendly, and it was well worth the 49 hours travel time to
and from Australia.

On Friday I enjoyed MOB's whimsical "Rune Metal Jacket", during which I
discovered that other people are far more outrageous and creative than I am
at making up new characters on the spot.

Later Greg gave a memorable Heroquesting talk outdoors beneath the Southern
Cross on the school's cricket oval. My first reaction was "Not Greg on
Heroquesting again!". But each time I attend one of these sessions, I get
new insights into Glorantha. The big one this time was that by being reborn
as a human, the Red Goddess (we need a simple name for her now that she's
not always red) acquired free will and was able to heroquest to make
herself greater and ascend into the sky.

My Saturday was entirely taken up with Home of the Bold and with the search
for an open pub. I was so busy as Gordius Silverus that I have very
fragmentary recollections of what happened during the freeform. I remember
that Temertain was a royal pain in the butt. He kept crashing meetings in
which we were planning the annexation of the northern third of Sartar by
Tarsh and dropping his unpaid bills on my desk. I also remember they gave
my daughter a very thick checkbook (new with this running of HotB) with
which she could draw my funds at will. In each running of HotB the Lunar
tax collector has been played by Gordius' real-life wife, and I must say
that Barb was no more accommodating to me than the other wives were to the
Gordii before me. Naturally I was critically short of funds as the freeform
neared its climax.

Gordius was especially ably served by his loyal aides, Lemidus the Scribe
(Liam Routt) and Publicus the Punctilious (Saravan Peacock, who gets my
vote for the best real name at the con), without whom I'd have been lost.

One scene I remember especially well happened on the evening of the
Sartarite rebellion. I had discovered a plot to assassinate me. My
daughter's nurse was going to let Vamastal, King of the Sambari, Tamara
Threeslice (the Starbrow supporter), and a Humakti (I forget his name) into
the Lunar HQ while the Lunar military types were occupied with the

Fortunately Lunar incompetence came to my rescue. Moments before the
uprising, a lunar Inquisitor pops into my office a presents me with a
warrant removing me from office. Normally I would have ripped it up and had
the man executed, but Leonidas (High Priest of Moonson Imperator and of
Yelm) happened to be there with one of his aides and promptly declared
himself Provost. Just then my general Lergius came in with all his aides as
well as Harvar Ironfist and all his loyal kings. A vociferous argument
ensued as to who was the rightful Provost. I declared martial law. Leonidas
declared, "you can't declare martial law. I'm the Provost. I declare
martial law." Lergius kept complaining we didn't have time to argue, but he
wouldn't back either of us Provost.

Just then I noticed Vamastal, Tamara, and the Humakti come into the
headquarters. Finding the dozen or so most powerful Lunars and Lunar
supporters surrounding me, Vamastal and Tamara turned around and walked
out. The Humakti began is death song, but I have no idea what happened to
him. I guess he left too. Shortly thereafter I followed suit, through a
bolthole with trusty Lemidus.

One other noteworthy (at least to me) thing happened during HotB. During a
momentary break I was running through the rain to the toilets when I failed
to scan an iron bar blocking my way. My cracked rib is still rather
painful. Reminds me of an old joke. "A man walked into a bar...Ouch!"

Other highlights of the con, mostly on Sunday, included Stafford's Address,
the Lore Auction, John Hughes' strutting and drumming during the
storytelling, Nick Brooke's soulful singing voice, Andrew Bean's HotB
costume, the real-life Trollkin during Trollball, and the moans and groans
of the hard-core Orlanthi whenever Greg revealed things about the Red

Best Lore Auction question
        Q: Does the Red Goddess have a sibling active in the middle air?
        A: Yes
Worst unasked question
        Q: Who is it?

I'm ready for the next Aussie con.



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