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From: David Hall (
Date: Sun 11 Feb 1996 - 00:49:08 EET

It's probably time to update one and all on Megacorp stuff.

Tales #14 is delayed, of course. We are now planning on printing it in the UK in
late March. It will be the Prax & the Wastes issue part one, with #15 being part
two. Issue #16 is now to be the Lunar special.

Other items on the schedule for 1996 include Best of Tales #1 to #6, Proceedings
in Malkionism, Tarsh War, The Ultimate Index to Glorantha, and The Widow's Tale,
Penny Love's Gloranthan novel.

In March I hope to have a whole bevy of new small press publications to sell.
However, for now here is my current publications list:

Tales of the Reaching Moon Magazine

Single Issues (#11, #12 & #13 only) L2.50
Subscriptions (3 issues) L7.50

For Tales make Cheques and Postal Orders payable to David Hall. Tales prices
include UK and European postage. Add L2.50 per issue for postage elsewhere in
the world.

Reaching Moon Megacorp Publications

Questlines L8.00
Includes two official Chaosium cults, Sartar
population stats, 23 pages of Far Point
background, articles by Greg Stafford, Sandy
Petersen, MOB, John Hughes & Penny Love.

University of Sog City Guide L8.00
Includes the Lonely Lozenge Guide to
Sog City, a history of Malkionism, and
details of the 7th Ecclesiastical Council
of Malkion. (US Reprint)

Wyrms Footprints L9.50
Includes many of the best articles from
the late and much lamented Wyrms
Footnotes magazine, as well as new
material. 112 pages, full colour cover.

Jar-Eel Assassin T-shirt (L only) L12.99

Other Publications

Codex Magazine L3.00
US Gloranthan Fanzine. Focusing mainly
on Gloranthan background & secrets
rather than scenarios. Issues #2 and
 #3 available.

The RuneQuest-Con Compendium L10.00
Includes Gloranthan stories, Home of the
Bold 2 narratives, and transcripts of the
Gloranthan Lore auction, Greg Stafford
HeroQuesting seminar, etc. (RQ-Con 1)
La Toile DArachne Solara #1 L5.00
Excellent French broadsheet fanzine.
Written in French. Issue #1 is a Malkioni

For the publications make Cheques and Postal Orders payable to David Hall.
Publication prices only include UK postage. For European orders add 10% for
postage, elsewhere in the world add 30%.

All Hail the Reaching Moon Megacorp!

David Hall

PS. Convulsion 3D is filling up fast so you'd better book soon to avoid
disappointment! It's taking place at Stamford Hall, Leicester, from July 19th to
21st 1996. Our Guests of Honour will be Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, and
Michael OBrien.

The convention will feature cool stuff like Home of the Bold, The Tarsh War,
Trollball, Greg on HeroQuesting, The Gloranthan Lore auction, Lunar Tunes, a 3D
Gloranthan HeroQuest, Eat at Geos, Griselda, Nomad Gods tourney, Rune Metal
Jacket, Sing-a-long with Nick, Gloranthan storytelling, Greg Reads, and the best
Gloranthan games auction in the world. It's also your chance to get a copy of
the Entekosiad!


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