Empires and Orlanthi

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>Just like communiist USSR continued a dictatorial imperial tradition
nurtured by the czars. Delve deeper and the roots are said to be
found in the byzantine empire. SO I think the parallell holds.

Excellent point, Nils. I concede.
I'm just afraid that now we'll have to endure Nick singing Chris Gidlow's
Lunarized Soviet songs (terribly dreary melodies!) even more often....

Peter Metcalfe and I on Imperial motivations in Dara Happa:

 PM>While Alkoth may be shitty in establishing empires, that does not mean
they do not
desire one.

I still think that for that mythical path reasons (Alkoth following Shargash
the Warrior and Raibanth following Antirius the Emperor), that Empire is a
particularly Raibanthi obsession.

PM>His predecessor, Dispenser of Horses, died 'of a sickness gotten while
boating upon the Oslira River.' Can we say ghoti?

PM>Eusibus then becomes Emperor in the very next year with unseemly haste
not even have bothered to arrange a fictitious battle with supposed
kin of his predecessor to relieve them of the Imperial Regalia.

I'd always assumed that the Eusibus becoming Emporer was a kind of Alkothi
sideshow. I doubt Eusibus knew, or even met Dispenser of Horses, who was a
Janarong. (Eusie was an Alkothi Shargash worshipper.) Lacking most of the
Regalia, which was in Raibanth or in some boat on the Oslir, Eusibus had to
crown himself with the rights of Ovosto. (Or, perhaps, the Ovosto rights
made more sense to Alkothi, who were not very familiar with the Raibanthi
Antirius/Murharzarm rights?) I think Plentonius throws Eusibus in to fill a
gap, or to show a progression of emperors in a confusion of horse nomad
terrorists, or to make Khordavu seem even more important. Later Lists of
Emperors leave out Eusibus as an emperor entirely.

A more complete discussion of this stuff is going on off line between Peter,
Dennis Hoover, & myself. I suggest we leave the Daily completely with it.
 Drop me a line if you want to be included on it.

Tim Eccles worries that Sartarites are being given short shrift in published
Glorantha and on the Daily.

Tim, I see how you could think that. Early Glorantha did seem rather
pro-Orlanthi, and I think a lot of folks took that as the "main mindset" of
the game. But now other, radically different POV's are emerging. The
Lunars currently getting more "air time" because their mysteries are new to
But check out the Questlines from RQ Con Down Under, and the excellent
Orlanthi scenarios & cultural info of John Hughes, Joerg B., Jeff Richard,
and Michael R. which have been posted to the Daily in the past year.
 Orlanth is alive and well.

In fact, rabidly supporting either side (or any Gloranthan culture) is
counterproductive to the spirit of the game. Dave Dunham and I have both
chosen to set our Orlanthi/Pelorian campaigns outside of the Lunar
Empire/Sartar troubles in 1620, so we can enjoy the cultures instead of the

I'm heading home now to play in our Post-Dragon Kill Campaign (check it out
on David Dunham's website.)

1120 ST: Khorvash the Alkothi Engineer (BridgeBuilder and Destroyer
Extradorniaire) is valliantly struggling to rebuild the world with his
fellow survivors: an Orlanthi thane, a dogboy from Balazar, a woman from
exotic Esrolia, a cruel but loveable Pentan, and an Imtherian desperately
struggling to remain cheerful. The fact that everyone speaks a different
language is little hinderance; friendships are forming fast, and everyone
 agrees that the thane should be referred to as "Talks with Trouble", for
his endearing habit of trying to impress even the most vile monsters and
bandits with tales of his ancestors and ravings about Oralantum. Khorvash
doesn't understand a word of it, but he enjoys seeing how close the monsters



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