From: Steve Lieb (
Date: Sun 11 Feb 1996 - 06:34:44 EET

I have a little question, and I am sure SOMEONE out there has an answer for me:

In Gods of Glorantha, the (great!) map in the beginning of the book says
something about a range of mountains shown just east of the White Sea - the
commentator on the map advises that this is the only glaring error. Sure
enough, these mountains are not shown in either the Genertela book or on the
map that accompanied the Glorantha set.

HOWEVER, it does show up on the introduction to glorantha book (book 5 in
the RQIII set) AND, more interestingly (and IMO more authoritatively) it
shows up in Cults of Terror. Now, what exactly happened here?

(Also, on a related subject - what happened to Genertela between CoT and
now? If you look at the map in CoT Genertela has some striking differences
to the current geography....)

Steve Lieb
(Who continues to suffer from .sig bloat - and therefore has clipped the
whole thing. Wait . . .)


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