Pro-Lunar players

From: Philippe Krait (
Date: Sat 10 Feb 1996 - 19:30:02 EET

I know I will probably heavily flamed for what follows, but still:

It has been my experience (here in France, and it's not that great
compared to all of you CON players) that pro-lunar groups were in
the infantile powergamer stage. I have seen this 3 times out of 4.

RQ 2 permitted only chaos-fighting barbarians PC, and the game was
great. RQ3 allows Lunar PC, and gives them an impressive kind of
magic along with the great tentation of illumination, and its

chaos-using freedom.

In the groups I've seen playing Lunars, the main aim was to get
illuminated as quickly as possible to be able to use chaos and
to do evil freely with a little background justification. All
they wanted was power

I was very sad, because it seemed to me that all their attraction
for RQ stemmed from that stupid and very limited POV.

As a side note, the last time I talked to Greg, he told me that
he always kill illuminated characters. Did he change that since (it
was some years ago) ?

So the 'great freedom' fo RQ3, commendable as it is, should be, IMHO
tempered by maturity. I did not find this to be true in France (still
through my limited experience). What is your experience ?
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