Moraides' Wife

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Mon 12 Feb 1996 - 12:48:27 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

>Checking the sources for Tarsh, I have come across a simple question: Are
>Pharandros of Tarsh and Estal Donge the children of Moirades marriage with
>the Feathered Horse Queen "Riches Without Tears", or are they the offspring
>of an earlier, unmentioned marriage (or otherwise intercourse)?

Moraides did not marry the Feathered Horse Queen. He did marry the
Feathered Queen of the Kerofini Temple in an effort to become King
of Dragon Pass. These are two seperate Queens. (Sartarites believe
you have to marry the FHQ to become the King, Tarshites believe you
have to marry the Feathered Queen to do so. Both are wrong IMO).
It is the Feather Queen who is the mother of Pharandros and Estal

Trying to identify the Feathered Queen of the Kerofini Temple as
the Feathered Horse Queen under another name makes a hash of the
chronological integrity of the FHQ document in KoS which should
indicate that the identification should be discarded IMO.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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