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Date: Mon 12 Feb 1996 - 15:46:00 EET

In-Reply-To: <> (John Hughes) had some interesting stuff to say about
the campfiRe wisdom, but I felt that it was too "mechanistic"

I feel that it should emphasise the fact that all are one more, that you are
living in harmony with the land, and that you are part of the land, and that
it is part of you.

below is more how I would phrase some of the elements

> Possession of anything is an illusion. Things belong to the universe. They
> make their own journeys.

If you believe that you own possessions then in truth they own you. A man
should not be owned by things, a man should be owned by the tribe and a man
should own the tribe. People are more important than things

> The hunter is always the hunted.

The hunter and the hunted are one, but they are not the same. Both dance
the same dance together, each taking a different part. Beware though for
sometimes the dance changes, one tune ends and another tune begins, then the
hunter will become the hunted. This is as it should be, for the hunter and
the hunted are one.

> We can never dominate this land. We can participate in its bounty if we
> revere and respect it.

You and the land are one. Be one with the land. You harm yourself when you
harm the land.

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