Why are the Boristi called Boristi

From: Tschinke (tschinke@nord.de)
Date: Mon 12 Feb 1996 - 16:40:24 EET

>Nils Weinander asked:
>>On another subject: I have lost track of the borist thread long ago, I
>>have just one question. What was the name of the founder? I always
>>assumed it was Boris, but I have seen a lot of variations around here.
David Dunham answered:
>I'd always assumed it was derived from its origin; it was probably
>originally called "Borinist" and later shortened.

I do not think so. Borin is one of the citystates which surround the
safelster sea reagion now, but I do not think Borin would have excist before
the time of Arkat and the godlearners. There will be region which are called
everytime the same name, but I do not think a founder of a relgion will take
a regions name for his new church. This is the reason why I imagined a
founder which name is Quantan van deen Borist. The time in which this
boristi heresy was founded was a very troubled time for Ralios and the task
of this new church was not only a task for a local place. The Boristi wanted
to free whole Ralios from the thread which came from Dorastor through Gbaji.

I would prefer to take such a reason why the Boristi are called this name.

Ingo Tschinke
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