Loskalmi marines

From: Frank Rafaelsen (rafael@nvg.unit.no)
Date: Mon 12 Feb 1996 - 16:48:29 EET

Martin wrote:
> Sorry about the non-Gloranthan digression, but this PROVES to me that Loskalm
> has marines. I disagree with Erik, however, that these guys get to avoid the
> KoW. Who do you think mans the Janubian fleet and gets to make amphibious
> assaults? Who, for that matter, topples hostile governments in the buffer
> states and installs juntas which will prevent the domino effect?

And perhaps they venerate Waertag as a regimental saint, now that could
be really cool.
But on the other hand I think the Loskalmi are far too concerned with
the notion of "gentleman warfare" to have invented these kinds of commando
style units.

And since I'm going to relocate my campaign to Fronela; I'm very
interested in other peoples' thoughts about the nature of Chargg, and
it's role in the upcoming herowars (no I'm not trying to resurrect the
KoW thread =))

Frank Rafaelsen. rafael@nvg.unit.no
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