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From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Mon 12 Feb 1996 - 17:17:34 EET

Lets begin with straightening out some strange semantics:
Me:> >But the people who likes
> >> >Malkioni most seems like "wow, this are the guys I love to hate!".
Nils W:>> And that's just plain weird.
Me Again:>You make a simple statement that I'm incapable of
following. Guh? >
> If you like the guys, hiw can you love to hate them? Doesn't make sense
> to me, so I guess I'm not the only irrational person around.
Nope, I'm pretty irrational meself, polarn. What I tried to say is,
that those who LIKED the Malkioni as A GAME IDEA seemed to think that
they were DAMNED GOOD VILLAINS IN THE GAME. A guy you love to hate is
for me like the cool monsters I wrote for D&D when I still was at
that stage - I sure thought of them as horrible monsters, but I
thought they were Way Cool.

Mr Happy:
> OTOH I don't think that it represents the sum
> total of Malkioni myth. Given their hsunchen connection I'd be suprised
> if their folk-lore isn't saturated with beast tales about Horse, Wolf and
> Lion.
If we still want them to be pseudo-medieval, we can tuck a Reine
Fuchs-like saga to them, with traces of the monomyth....
>The Pithdarians probably have traditions about duppies. If Geoffery
> Chaucer can write about Alexander the Malkioni have stories about
> Dan, Galin and Father Sun. No doubt they think of all this as old wives' tales
> but deep background adds flavour.
Yup, and remember that the fact that the Gods of other cultures are
thought of as Apotheisized Ancients or Big Spirits Of Nature (not
exactly demons, Herr Weinander), these stories can be taught as
Ancient History to young Knights.

> Classical Greece has been mentioned before. The abstract Platonic Prime
> Mover has a lot more in common with the IG than Jehovah does.
Yup. And even more in common than the NT God the Father.
>Orphism and
> Hermetism are interesting models too. The latter reminds me a lot of
> Stygianism and Lunarism in particular.
Know too little about them... Please enlighten me...

Erik the Apologist


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