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From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Mon 12 Feb 1996 - 17:39:23 EET

Martin Crim:
> While I'm on the subject of frustrating minimaxers, I'd like to mention an
> assumption Mike Dawson and I make in our games. If you cast a spell at a
> person using his or her own MP's, you automatically succeed.
Extremely good idea, IMO, but:
> Thus, hardly anyone will share storage
> crystals or MP matrixes. Maybe you'll share one with your father or mother,
> but who else can you trust that much?
The guy you have spent half your life with? Who has used his soul and
innermost cult secrets openingly to save your butt? Who you have
saved in the same way innumerable times?
> The analogy we came up with was this: asking to borrow someone's MP
> storage device is like asking "Can I borrow a pint of blood? I'll give it
> right back."
I'd give, not merely lend, a pint of my blood to several people in my
gaming group, and we're not half as close as their characters. The
rule is a damn good one for stopping silly things like people
renting out such devices, but it won't stop most people from sharing
them with close friends and relatives. Which is OK by me.

Crim still:
> Sorry about the non-Gloranthan digression, but this PROVES to me that Loskalm
> has marines. I disagree with Erik, however, that these guys get to avoid the
> KoW. Who do you think mans the Janubian fleet and gets to make amphibious
> assaults? Who, for that matter, topples hostile governments in the buffer
> states and installs juntas which will prevent the domino effect?
That they have military fleets is already plainly stated, afaIk. And
you're right, I forgot the &%# river.

As I work diligently for deWestern the West, I also propose that
while heavy cavalry was The Only Thing for RW medieval Knights,
Loskalm has scores of different Knight types. Heavy infantry,
marines, scouts, master snipers.... you name it. The heavy cavalry is
the most important one. They all get to be chivalrous and all that
Stuff, and I bet each order has a patron saint associated with their
type of duty - perhaps these saints often are "peasant's saints" in
non-Loskalmi areas, but here they have a military aspect.

Nils about the use of Ancient Paralells for the West:
> Yes, I like to see such comparisons, but then I think of Greg's statement
> that the west is Glorantha's medieval paradigm area (in the western issue
> of TotRM).
If you meet Greg Stafford on the road, kill him. :-)

Erik Sieurin


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