Unconvined Sartarite

From: Tim Eccles (T.Eccles@kingston.ac.uk)
Date: Mon 12 Feb 1996 - 16:42:45 EET

My thanks to Argrath, Dennis Hoover and Pam Carlson in responding in
Digest (V2#378) to my bias query. I do not doubt the wealth of
information on the Digest and elsewhere about the Sartars, more a
concern about "official" shifts in doctrine.

I think in RQ2 we (or I at least) played them all wrong, in failing
to play them as barbarians, and more as generic feudalesque good
guys. And I accept RQ3 is so much more developed. Playing Lunars is
fine. It is just those same stereotypes seem to be lying around. All
cultures think that they are right; some (usually montheists) insist
that all others are wrong. A rulebook, or supplement, has to tread a
fine line here. I am not sure any FRP system does better, it is just
that RQ is closer than most to perfection.

I cannot take Arlaten as presented. IMHO Malkioni as monotheists
(just as Christians in our world) are more prejudiced and narrow
minded. They cannot accept other cultures as right, because they can
only believe in the Invisible God. I think we just agree to disagree,
and that is what is great about RP.

And what is wrong with being smelly? Typical Lunar prejudice!!

Tim Eccles


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