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From: Aden Steinke (
Date: Thu 15 Feb 1996 - 10:04:42 EET

Hi all

After reading Philippe Krait's troll entitled 'Pro-Lunar players' I was going
to be polite and ignore it :) but then I thought 'why' and got out the shovel
and bucket.... you have to give the punters what they want, and what would
Glorantha be without Trolls (luv them Uz).

>I know I will probably heavily flamed for what follows, but still:

Never! People who play Lunar characters are far too civilised to climb into
the gutter with rabid anti-Lunars. (We might catch something).

>It has been my experience (here in France, and it's not that great
>compared to all of you CON players) that pro-lunar groups were in
>the infantile powergamer stage. I have seen this 3 times out of 4.

Ah, the 'its not a general accusation... not really, only 3 times out of 4...'
complete with inexperience disclaimer. Touching really, reminds me a bit of
when I first discovered newsnet. After all, who didn't commit those faux pas
and then plead ingnorance. However forgiveness is the domain of the

>RQ 2 permitted only chaos-fighting barbarians PC, and the game was
>great. RQ3 allows Lunar PC, and gives them an impressive kind of
>magic along with the great tentation of illumination, and its
>chaos-using freedom.
>In the groups I've seen playing Lunars, the main aim was to get
>illuminated as quickly as possible to be able to use chaos and
>to do evil freely with a little background justification. All
>they wanted was power

Bizzare - it is the orlanthi culture types who have the great temptation to
become illuminated, the well rounded lunar citizen does not need illumination
to hide chaos taint from their deity.... can you say Crimson Bat :). Nice
implication that lunars are basically evil though....

>I was very sad, because it seemed to me that all their attraction
>for RQ stemmed from that stupid and very limited POV.

Hmmm... good use of perjorative language there, and a follow through that
lunar players are ignorant human beings....

>As a side note, the last time I talked to Greg, he told me that
>he always kill illuminated characters. Did he change that since (it
>was some years ago) ?
>So the 'great freedom' fo RQ3, commendable as it is, should be, IMHO
>tempered by maturity. I did not find this to be true in France (still
>through my limited experience). What is your experience ?

So there are not Humakti power gamer death machines, mini-maxing Yelmites with
150% pointy stick or ambitious Orlanthi - all possible in RQ2 and still
possible in RQ3. But then again they don't have the obvious corrupting
influence of the Red Goddess do they?

In my experience the power gamer types can exploit any cultural construct...
or as we put it in Wollongong, take the GMs intent and drive a truck through
it. The variety of the Lunar paths, and the greater free will make it more

challenging to play in some ways than characters whose every response is a
conditioned imitation of their god, though to roleplay a character whose
conditioned responses are not in accord with the players desires in a given
situation is also challenging (and satisfying, hence I suppose the popularity
of adding Pendragon traits to RQ) in a very different way.

Aden Steinke
Lunar and Proud!!!!!
All Hail to the Reaching Moon


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