From: Erik Sieurin (BV9521@utb.hb.se)
Date: Thu 15 Feb 1996 - 14:14:51 EET

John Hughes:
> some major sources - the Jo Campbell
> canon (of course), and a simultaneously fascinating/horrendous book I've
> been reading called 'Native Wisdom For White Minds', by Anne Wilson Schaef
> (working subtitle - 'Death to Anthropologists' :-) ).
And herein may lie one trouble: For White Minds. The majority of
"native wisdom" which you can glean from such books is directed
towards "White Minds", and the targets of, say, Odaylan sayings will
in no way have such minds; a lot of the things these people think,
act and believe - a lot of the things they LIVE - they will never
state directly, it becomes a part of their nature by living and any
exact statement "this is what we think" will be made towards
OUTSIDERS, if at all.

Take "What the Priest Says" and "What my father told me" - the exact
things therein is IMO things that would not be said to a young and
enquiring member of the religion/culture, but it is the SUM of the
things that WOULD be said, and the things that a youngster perhaps
would answer if an OUTSIDER asked these questions.

So the question is: Do you want to "collect" the proverbs of the
hunter subculture of the Far Point Orlanthi tribes, or do you want
to present their Views Of The World so that "white minds" can get
into their heads and portray them - in freeform, standard RPG or

Erik Sieurin, who wonders why anglo-saxons sometimes spell words that in their
language use a "c" with a "k" - khaos, kult, musik - and, of course,


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