Lunar French; Feathered Queens

From: Nick Brooke (D&T CAS) (
Date: Thu 15 Feb 1996 - 16:47:33 EET

Philippe Krait writes about the poverty of French Lunar roleplayers.

> [French] pro-lunar groups were in the infantile powergamer stage.
> In the groups I've seen playing Lunars, the main aim was to get
> illuminated as quickly as possible to be able to use chaos and
> to do evil freely with a little background justification. All
> they wanted was power...

As you say, this is terribly sad. We've always enjoyed the Lunars more because
they are a civilised (and civilising) imperial power: this is perhaps due to the
bias of the English educational system, which is broadly in favour of bringing
the benefits of (British/Roman) civilisation to the natives and barbarians.

Playing a Lunar allows you to look down your nose at the peculiar local customs
of Sartarites and Praxians, treating them with lofty, imperial disdain. It's
also easier to play scenarios where you justifiably become involved in exciting
adventures while "just doing my job" or "only obeying orders" (i.e. doing
something the GM is keen on) -- "The Tarsh War" and "Rune Metal Jacket" are
examples of this.

I'm a bit surprised to hear that this tendency isn't more manifest in France,
which is, after all, internationally famous for its pose of cultural snobbery
and superiority. As well for as inflicting Chaotic Atrocities on innocent South
Pacific islands...

Peter Metcalfe (from a South Pacific island) writes:

> Moiraides did not marry the Feathered Horse Queen. He did marry the
> Feathered Queen of the Kerofini Temple in an effort to become King
> of Dragon Pass. These are two seperate Queens.

Despite the alleged chronological hash in the sources that making this
identification would cause, I still think it's preferable to have just ONE
sovereignty-conferring, sought-after-by-kings, feathery queen in/of Dragon Pass,
rather than cast aside old William of Occam's cut-throat and duplicate this
position unnecessarily. Without far more justification, I don't believe there
need be any difference between the "Feathered Horse Queen" and this proposed
"Feathered Queen".



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