From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Thu 15 Feb 1996 - 19:33:30 EET

While reading Lords of Terror in the loo (you can see I'm a bachelor
by this sentence) I noticed a strange and puzzling trivia.

The LoT include a piece of correspondence from a Spoken Word agent
trying to infiltrate a Krasht temple. The correspondence in turn
included a sort of sermon held by a woman called "Red", which I
suspect is either a Jaw or a Tongue of the Devouring Mouther. The
sermon is unnerving in itself, but even more unnerving is the single
word at its end:

What does this mean? What is the Milk of the Mother? Pratzim? Without
making too much reference back to the coffee-tea-discussion earlier,
does milk have any deep cosmological significance? Is this innocent
drink a tool of the mother? Did the Jaw simply ask for milk to clear
her throat after the sermon? Is it the name of her favorite
krashtkid? Did the shopping list of the author end up in the
manuscript? Is "milk" a strange Dara Happan word? An anagram for
something more terrible? Am I taking this too seriously?

Erik Sieurin, covering in fear of what the Krashti will do to him for
posing this daring and revealing question


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