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Date: Fri 16 Feb 1996 - 00:24:00 EET

Peter Metcalfe was so far the only one to reply to my question. Well, I have
discussed this topic with Peter before, in private, and while I _can_ be
convinced to accept a lot of Peter's theories, this one about a Feathered
Queen of the Kerofin Temple parallel to the Feathered Horse Queen is
evidently not such a case.

I asked:
>>Are Pharandros of Tarsh and Estal Donge the children of Moirades marriage with
>>the Feathered Horse Queen "Riches Without Tears", or are they the offspring
>>of an earlier, unmentioned marriage (or otherwise intercourse)?

And Peter put forth:
>Moirades did not marry the Feathered Horse Queen.

Peter still did not answer my question who did, instead.

>He did marry the
>Feathered Queen of the Kerofini Temple in an effort to become King
>of Dragon Pass. These are two seperate Queens.

Only that there is no mention ever which connects the priestesses of Sorana
Tor with feathers. The feathered dress is a distinctive mark of the Pentan
horse goddess, a remnant of the Hippoi/Hippogriff myth of the Hyalorings.
Compare the Char-un, a culture so similar that the Grazers bedevil them as

the False Sunhorses. In cold Erigia there are a winged mare and a
carnivorous stallion. (Genertela Book p.44)

Another question I need answered to even consider Peter's theory of two
feathered queens is: What is the Feather connection of the priestesses of
Sorana Tor? Where is any Earth myth having feathered beasts, or people?
Sorana Tor's beasts of choice are the Earth Shakers aka dinosaurs. Are these
feathered, or have they ever been?

>Trying to identify the Feathered Queen of the Kerofini Temple as
>the Feathered Horse Queen under another name makes a hash of the
>chronological integrity of the FHQ document in KoS which should
>indicate that the identification should be discarded IMO.

Not really. Tarkalor's queen "Mother of Lands" is said to have been killed
at Grizzly Peak, but may have made her Heroic Escape, or otherwise been
resurrected. Her rule continues for a few years. Then comes "Splendid among
the Proud", who did not marry, and whose daughters' husbands were
participating in the plunder of Boldhome. This may have been after her reign.

The Tarsh King list in CHDP (the KoS document with the worst chronological
integrity, worse than Annotated Argrath Saga) makes it sound like Moirades
underwent this marriage after consolidating his kingdom, later in his reign.

I think that 1610 is a year of no major event in Tarsh, unless this was the
year Moirades became King of Dragon Pass.

Pharandros seems to have been co-ruler of Moirades by 1625, a situation
quite similar to Takenegi and Yelmgatha (thus not unprecedented). IMO
Pharandros headed the Phargantite faction against the Fazzurites while
Moirades tried to mediate between the two of them. By 1629, there was open
warfare between the factions.

When Argrath and his Grazers entered the fray, Moirades was captured and
killed. A year later Furthest was stormed by Mularik, who became king of
Tarsh for a while.

This much for later history, but I still have my question: who was the
mother of Pharandros and Estal?


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