Re: A Borist by any other name is still a Squid

From: David Dunham (
Date: Fri 16 Feb 1996 - 08:46:49 EET

A general comment to posters: can we use a little more white space (blank
lines, that is -- block indendation is bad)? It helps separate a quote from
the reply. Blank lines are really cheap, I think most of us are reading
this on screens after all.

Ingo Tschinke answered me
>>I'd always assumed it was derived from its origin; it was probably
>>originally called "Borinist" and later shortened.

>I do not think so. Borin is one of the citystates which surround the
>safelster sea reagion now, but I do not think Borin would have excist before
>the time of Arkat and the godlearners. There will be region which are called
>everytime the same name, but I do not think a founder of a relgion will take
>a regions name for his new church. This is the reason why I imagined a
>founder which name is Quantan van deen Borist. The time in which this
>boristi heresy was founded was a very troubled time for Ralios and the task
>of this new church was not only a task for a local place. The Boristi wanted
>to free whole Ralios from the thread which came from Dorastor through Gbaji.

So Borin is named after its founder? That would work (though suggests to me
that the founder is named "Bor").

I'm not sure what language you're using, but I'd read that as "Q of the
Borist," which sort of begs the question: what is a Borist that Quantan is
of or from?


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