Chaos & Heort

From: Richard Ohlson (
Date: Fri 16 Feb 1996 - 09:31:19 EET

>In the groups I've seen playing Lunars, the main aim was to get
>illuminated as quickly as possible to be able to use chaos and
>to do evil freely with a little background justification. All
>they wanted was power

We played a game where the basic premise was that we were all nasty,
horrible, chaos warriors. We got to choose a Chaos Feature, and then went
off and did normal things as soldiers of the Red Goddess. Yeah, I guess the
DM was looking for us to get illuminated, becuase he did let us get riddled,
and we had to roll after each riddle. I think we got four riddles, and two
of us got illuminated. Just as a side note, when I got bored, I sat in the
woods and tried to commune with Primal Chaos. DM decided that was a DI
attempt at "Make me more chaotic." I got Six Point skin out of that, and
did not turn into a broo. That and platemail and the extra dex I got from
the original damnation made for a sick Yanarfal Tarnils. :-)

On a different note, is there a list of Heorts Code anywhere?

Rich "Hasni Mubarak" Ohlson


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