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>It has been my experience (here in France, and it's not that great
>compared to all of you CON players) that pro-lunar groups were in
>the infantile powergamer stage. I have seen this 3 times out of 4.

        Please do not confuse power-gamers with role-players. The
two are seldom the same, (and the difference between the two is often
the result of the judge....)

>RQ 2 permitted only chaos-fighting barbarians PC, and the game was
>great. RQ3 allows Lunar PC, and gives them an impressive kind of
>magic along with the great tentation of illumination, and its
>chaos-using freedom.

        I started playing under RQ2, and had great fun with my ex-
orlanthi Lunar Priest. Without going into a lot of details about
an admittedly unusual campaign, I will say it depends on the players
and the judge (who sets the campaign tone). (My judge/group never
did switch over to RQ3.)

>In the groups I've seen playing Lunars, the main aim was to get
>illuminated as quickly as possible to be able to use chaos and
>to do evil freely with a little background justification. All
>they wanted was power.

        The guy closest to Illumination in our group was an Orlanthi
Initiate; he kept on running into Tricksters with odd questions....
While _I_ know about Illumination, my Priest had only heard a little
bit about it, and had decided that he didn't have years to put into
the effort. Sounds like your players can't separate what _they_ know
from reading the rules from what their _characters_ know very well.

        Lunar Tolerantly Yours,

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