Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #382

From: Frederic Moulin (
Date: Fri 16 Feb 1996 - 19:40:40 EET

> this is perhaps due to the
>bias of the English educational system, which is broadly in favour of bringing
>the benefits of (British/Roman) civilisation to the natives and barbarians.

Like Northern Irland, Scotland, India, South Africa as just a few examples
amongs other! Give me a brake. I hope at least you don't really belive it
and that it was a kind of joke. Otherwise, I would strongly suggest
switching to the white supremacist list.

>I'm a bit surprised to hear that this tendency isn't more manifest in France,
>which is, after all, internationally famous for its pose of cultural snobbery
>and superiority. As well for as inflicting Chaotic Atrocities on innocent South
>Pacific islands...

Peter should explain more clearly how the H... that comment brings any kind
of information on Glorantha, which is after all the subject of that list.
There is many other places on the Net to growl and moan about the French in

the South Pacific.

And as for Phillipes comments, I think (IM"not so humble"O)
1/ That is sample size is way to small to draw any conclusion concerning
"The French RQ players" in general.

2/ That being a notorious power gamer himself (personnal experience), he is
is particularly poorly positioned to juge other players on the subject,
unless you concider of course, that he has first class experience.

Have a nice day,


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