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Martin Laurie goes over the Power-gamer mindset(s), but misses one:

        This fellow wants to be the best. Not necessarily the best at
combat (though usually so), but the best at whatever the group's main
drive is. So if you're settlers in the Risklands, his steading has to
be the biggest/most prosperous..... The Competitor does not break the
rules, or go looking for loop-holes; that would be like cheating at
solitaire. He is, however, very knowledgable of the rules, and scrapes
out ever possible advantage. His character will skimp on socializing
with the others to plow an extra field, etc. His skills will all be
directly usefull in his chosen area of expertise: he will seldom possess
dancing or storytelling skills if the judge doesn't make everybody take
it when rolling up the character. If a warrior, most/all of his skills
are directly combat oriented; no extra languages, etc. This fellow may
or may not be able to role-play, the point is that he is very tightly
focused, and therefore excells in certain areas. Perhaps the mindset
coluld be described as verging on 'fanatic' (the character, not
necessarily the player).

        I have run COMPETITOR type characters, and it can be fun to watch
the way NPCs react to the warriors 'rep'. But a less narrow character is
usually more fun; it depends partly on the game setting.

        Note that the 'Competitor' does not look all that different from
Martin's 'Wargamer'; he does a lot of the same things, but for somewhat
different reasons. (And he is usually a bit more social...)

Feathered Horse Queen:
        I am not going to argue about one or two Queens, but propose
a little bit of common sense (probably a mistake when talking about
Glorantha). I believe that 'King of Dragon Pass' is a title without
any special stature involved, or benefits (if I am wrong, I am certain
to be speedily corrected). Thus, anyone who is King of a large portion
of Dragon Pass and can influence the rest has a posible claim on the
title. Marrying either of the proposed Feathered Queens helps bring in
another power bloc, and bolsters the claim. So does completing the
heroquest wedding to the Lady of the Wild; instead of bringing in a
power bloc, it demonstrates what a powerfull chap you are (and presumably
_does_ confer special stature/abilities). So any of the three helps
bolster the egotistical claim to be King of Dragon Pass.

        Andrew, who may soon be flamed....


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