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G'day all,

Back from a week away on school camp at the beach with 45 rabid 11 year olds,
with *2* new Glorantha-related products to enthuse about!:

RQ Con II Compendium

Eric Rowe has already commented upon the eerily similar covers of
the RQ Con Down Under fund-raiser book Questlines and the RQ Con II
Compendium. I will only add that Dan Barker's dragonewt pic is a corker,
and worthy of multiple reproduction (it also graced the cover of an issue
of the German zine FREE INT *and* was on our RQ Con DU flyers!).

Fortunately, the similarities end with the cover, and both are excellent
additions to the ardent Gloranthaphile's library (stick BoDR between 'em so
you can tell 'em apart).

Nicely laid-out and edited, the RQ Con II Compendium is a chunky 128 pages of
LARP Narratives and Seminar Transcripts.

The con was a two-LARP event - the 'Broken Council', about the creation of
Nysalor, and a reprise of Reaching Moon's 'How the West was One', or rather
How the West *wasn't*, as the Rokari stormed out and repudiated the council's
bid for unity. I was lucky enough to play in both of 'em, and enjoyed
myself immensely. I mean, what is more fun than spending the first two
hours of a game as the Emperor's footrest, only to usurp the throne oneself
at a critical moment, marry the previous incumbent's queen (ably played
by a bloke in an 'Alice in Wonderland' outfit), and later have the legitimate
heir succumb to the silken bowstring? Not to mention make people approach
the imperial presence on their faces and bellies, propelled along the floor
using only their toes (sorry Mr Polk).

The LARP narratives are lots of fun - ignore the bizarre statement on the back
cover that says "...the results deviated from Real Gloranthan
History (!?)" As far as I'm concerned, these LARPS *were* history in
the making!*

     *Hmmm, I don't really understand what the writer of this statement
      is getting at. Does this mean we're better off staging freeforms in
      the Gloranthan 'future' [HotB, HtWwO] than the 'past' [BC], if we're
      meant to be worried about such definitive and restrictive concepts
      as 'Real Gloranthan History'). If so, perhaps we'd better not
      stage Gloranthan LARPS (gaming even?) at all?

The narratives have been written in a variety of imaginative styles, ranging
from Mike Derry's "Interview with Kwaratch Kang" to Curtis Taylor's "Note on
a Soiled Napkin", to my coin portrait of Mathiman, erroneously known to
history as 'The Impaler' (Cool off-hand remark in Neil Robinson's account:
"What, you haven't heard of Mathiman the Impaler? I think that had
something to do with the way he ate his food").

David Cheng rationalises why he spent 8 hours wandering around the hotel
in a fleshtone leotard and blonde wig (no doubt shocking the Kindergarten
Teachers of America who were in the adjoining seminar rooms), and David Hall
recounts the murderous deeds of Wahnakar the Iron/Adamant/Jelly Bison in a
suitably barbaric chant. And, yes, Pam Carlson in her piece reveals that
it was the overiding aim of the Dara Happans to incorporate the Emperor's
stepson into the new god's 'willie'!

The seminar transcripts include Stafford's Address, HQ, Lore Auction, Imther,
GMing in Glorantha, Nick Brooke's Cultural Exchange and Lunar Tunes,
a momentus seminar in which we introduce for the first time Pookie, the
regimental giant crayfish. Topics covered in the Lore Auction have
been cleverly grouped by similar subjects, not question order, making
it easy to follow, and seminars have been footnoted by the transcribers
to clarify or expand upon fuzzy points.

Like Erik 'Bachelor Boy' Sieurin, I have enjoyed reading this book in the loo,
and heartily recommend it, not only for the soft, absorbent quality of the
paper, but for the content as well.

Book of Drastic Resolutions

I have just my copy of this, yet another Gloranthan fanzine to welcome
onto the scene, though the author Stephen Martin admits that he is not
yet sure whether BoDR will make it to another issue. Stephen (whom you
also might recognise as Troy Bankert) co-authored Lords of Terror, and
did much of the design and development under the auspices of the
late-lamented Rune-Czar Ken Rolston. Indeed, BoDR features a great
deal of material cut out of LoT during the editorial stage, and
features a lengthy section of designer notes, comments and errata for
the earlier work. But there's lots more besides, including a WoG-style
description of Dorastor, including maps. "The Eight-fold Way of Chaos"
is particularly good, and features a number of new runes including the
Tap rune (is it just me, or does it resemble a old-fashioned water

BoDR features the ubiquitous Dan Barker's take on the LoT cover (in colour,
a first for a new zine!), and is nicely laid out, though one topic
seems to follow another at random (appropriate, I guess, given the
chaotic theme).

This is a worthy companion to both LoT and Dorastor and well worth
tracking down. It will be available from Reaching Moon Megacorp shortly.



Mr. Brooke:
>I'm a bit surprised to hear that this tendency isn't more manifest in
>France, which is, after all, internationally famous for its pose of
>cultural snobbery and superiority. As well for as inflicting
>Chaotic Atrocities on innocent South Pacific islands...

M. Moulin:
>>Peter [Nick?] should explain more clearly how the H... [hell?] that comment
>>brings any kind of information on Glorantha, which is after all the
>>subject of that list.

Well, wasn't Nick *comparing* values of certain Gloranthans to those of Earth
(British public school/France)? Lighten up pal.


End of Glorantha Digest V2 #385

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