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From: Shannon Appel (appel@erzo.ORG)
Date: Sat 17 Feb 1996 - 08:57:09 EET

MOB spake on:

>RQ Con II Compendium

>The LARP narratives are lots of fun - ignore the bizarre statement on the back
>cover that says "...the results deviated from Real Gloranthan
>History (!?)" As far as I'm concerned, these LARPS *were* history in
>the making!*
> *Hmmm, I don't really understand what the writer of this statement
> is getting at. Does this mean we're better off staging freeforms in
> the Gloranthan 'future' [HotB, HtWwO] than the 'past' [BC], if we're
> meant to be worried about such definitive and restrictive concepts
> as 'Real Gloranthan History'). If so, perhaps we'd better not
> stage Gloranthan LARPS (gaming even?) at all?

As the writer of said statement, let me take one short moment to
explain. The RQ-Con 2 Compendium will be sold through Wizard's Attic,
and, I suspect, Reaching Moon in the UK. As such, it will be picked up
by people who never attended RQ-Con, and will have no idea that the
narratives were of free-form larps. These people will be picking it up
to use as a resource for their Glorantha games. I had awful visions of
such an innocent purchaser having a forever distorted view of
Glorantha based on what might have happened, what did happen somewhere
else, but not what happened in the Glorantha that is depicted in

I have no problems with placing games in the past. Likewise, I have no
problems with such games deviating from published history. I mean
that's what makes them fun: _not_ knowing how they'll turn out. I just
wanted to make it clear to said hypothetical innocent purchaser that
what he was viewing couldn't quite be put in context with what he's
read in _Genertela_ and lots of other RQ supplements.

Shannon (No One True Way Flames Please) Appel


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