VII. RQ Con in Germany

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Date: Sun 18 Feb 1996 - 01:18:18 EET

VII. RuneQuest-Con

This year=92s German RuneQuest-Con starting at 24th of may and lasting=
Monday the 27th will take place at the castle =84Stahleck=93 in Bacharach.
Bacharach is a sleepy town on the slopes of the Hunsr=FCck near the Rhine.
It=B4s half way between Wiesbaden and Koblenz. The Castle which actually is=
comfortable youth hostel was renovated recently and seems to be a nearly
perfect place for a role play event of this kind. With a medieval
knighthall, a defence tower, and the large yard with a view on the Rhine it
is also the best background for the free-form =84Rise of Ralios=93. All the
actors will dive into the medieval world of Ralios where the clerics and
knights meet at a great tournament, challenging each other in weapons and
Furthermore there will be:

- Trollball
- Shield-Push (lunar version)
- an auction
- a Free-Int-Workshop
- many game-rounds
- much fun...

Everybody who arrives on Friday and stays till Monday has to pay DM 100,-
;for thoses who arrive on Saturday the price is DM 70,- . The price includes
bed-linen and vegetarian food for those who prefer it.
(Transfer money to Postgiroamt Hamburg, Bankcode 200 100 20, Account Number
1039 84-201)

Whoever feels himself chosen to do so, should not hesitate to design a
Con-T-shirt, because we still have not got any suggestion for it. If anybody
owns RuneQuest-material he wants to sell - feel free to bring it to the
Be assured, there is room enough for everybody in the castle, and we would
like all of you to come to Germany in May.

If you are interested just contact :

Jochen Seyffert
An der Bruchriede 2
D - 30880 Laatzen


Ingo Tschinke
Schevemoorer Landstr. 33
D - 28325 Bremen


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