Why the Squids are called Boristi

From: Tschinke (tschinke@nord.de)
Date: Sun 18 Feb 1996 - 01:18:10 EET

David Dunham:
[Why the Boristi are named Boristi]
>So Borin is named after its founder? That would work (though suggests to me
>that the founder is named "Bor").
>I'm not sure what language you're using, but I'd read that as "Q of the
>Borist," which sort of begs the question: what is a Borist that Quantan is
>of or from?

IMO the name Borist is from a lanscape, a fortress, a castle, a hill, a
river or whatever which does not exist anymore in its form. In the medivial
ages somebody was often called after such objects where he came from or he
was born. I will try to explain why in my opinion this is the same for
Quantan van deen Borist (van deen is dutch - in german you would say 'von dem').
I am living in northern german. In this region once have lived a tribe of
teutons called friesians (they are still living here after a part of them
conquered the british isle - they call them saxons). Their language is
different to the german languages (it is the same in the UK with english and
welsh). But I will come to the point. Some small villages got its names from
this language, for example the name Oyte (I do not know the meaning of it by
myself) but you will find this in name of a lot of villages around Bremen
(Altenoyte, Friesoythe, Oyten etc.). So it can be the same for the Boristi.
They call themself after the founder of this Church, Quantan van deen
Borist, who got his name from the villages (or Forest, Hill etc.). So this
syllable 'Bor' could be the naming for the Boristi as well as for Borin. It
must not be same source, off course.

This is my opinion about this matter.

Ingo Tschinke


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