Humour Impairment?

From: Aden Steinke (
Date: Mon 19 Feb 1996 - 06:59:50 EET

Hi All

Recovered from my luncheon induced drunken stupor (well almost, the red wine
was a little much) I noted MOB say...

>Mr. Brooke:
>>I'm a bit surprised to hear that this tendency isn't more manifest in
>>France, which is, after all, internationally famous for its pose of
>>cultural snobbery and superiority. As well for as inflicting
>>Chaotic Atrocities on innocent South Pacific islands...
>M. Moulin:
>>>Peter [Nick?] should explain more clearly how the H... [hell?] that comment

>>>brings any kind of information on Glorantha, which is after all the
>>>subject of that list.
>Well, wasn't Nick *comparing* values of certain Gloranthans to those of Earth
>(British public school/France)? Lighten up pal.

Talley ho old bean.... toast those antipodeans.... or is it avec allors....
hmmm drunk on the keyboard again.


Who thinks that for an obvious leftie (based on his atrocious taste in tee
shirts) Nick has a relatively well balanced sense of humour....


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