trolls and fire

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Mon 19 Feb 1996 - 10:40:52 EET

Paul Heinz:

Spake about Trolls:

>Zorak Zoran went and sought fire as a show of contempt for his mother
>and used fire to sear and burn away the spirtual umbilical that
>joined him to her. Thus he was no longer her son and Zorak Zoran is
>'not-a-troll' for this reason. I believe the searing of the navel
>with flame is a Zorak Zoran initiation ritual and causes great pain
>but severs the ritual link with the mother/matricarchy and 'opens the
>third eye'.

FWIW The representation of Zorak Zoran has the Third Eye is used by
non-Trolls who deny his trollish ancestry. The trolls don't
particularly care about eyes (cf the lack of attention paid to them
in the non-troll Kyger Litor initiation ceremony). I'm not aware of
the reason why ZZ has three as the only association that springs to
mind is enlightenment (which I reject for obvious reasons). I'm not
sure any troll would recognize ZZ and XU as being Not-Trolls ('Them
Humanz talk enlo crap!').

Fire is not forbidden to the Trolls but is Death Incarnate in their
eyes (Death having naplamed their Ancestors in Hell). They fear it
in the same way humans fear the grave IMO. Thus the Zorak Zorani are
akin to Humakti in Human eyes, methinks, as Death-obsessed fanatics.
This of course fits well with your suggestion that fire is used to
cut^H^H^H sear (damn the humakti monomyth!) the link with the mother
in the Zorak initiation ceremony.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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