troll men and scorpion women

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Mon 19 Feb 1996 - 14:29:02 EET

Paul Heinz:
VERY good, indeed. Couldn't it be said that Kygor Litor is The Troll,
the Ur-model for How A Troll Should Really Be? Fits really well in
with her role as "culture goddess" for the Uz.

And over to Lords of Terror again:
I hope others also have noticed the following:
The race that stems from Bagog is called scorpion _men_, but
(probably out of a sense of political correctness and the plain fact
that the critters are matriarchal) in the Bagog writeup the word "she"
is used as general personal pronoun.
This results in some really weird sentences. "If a scorpion MAN wants
to do A, SHE has to...." etc.

Thus we need a general term for "scorpion man" which is FEMININE.
Since there is an OBVIOUS analogy in "merman-mermaid", whe should
talk about SCORPION MAIDS. (Associations to hard rock and the Little
Mermaid can be pointedly ignored).

Erik Sieurin, not exactly serious, who currently has a painful
stafylococ-infection in his right butt - jokes about Krashti's revenge
NOT appreciated, since the damned thing begin before the milky

PS. Does NO ONE know why "milk" is important to the Krashti? I'm
curious, seriously. DS.


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