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Date: Mon 19 Feb 1996 - 16:48:09 EET


> Does NO ONE know why "milk" is important to the Krashti? I'm
> curious, seriously.

Maybe it's the verbal imperative: if so, what abomination were the cultists
being exhorted to milk? (NB: if you're *really* seriously curious, you could
always email Paul Reilly and ask his opinion...).

French Fred should read "1066 and All That" if he wants to know how English
History was traditionally taught. And get a SOH.

NB: the Lunars' habit of eating newtling tails and hummingbird tongues and
walktapus pies nicely parallels the French habit of creating haute cuisine out
of unpalatable muck (frogs, snails, garlic) we hearty Anglo-Saxons would sniff
at. Encore une raison pour jouer plus Lunairement en France.

Feathered Joerg:

> Nick, speaking out of my heart's depths:

But... you didn't send me a Valentine to tell me so! Cruel, Joerg!

> Sorry for my old habit of replying directly to quotes of Peter, but if I
> put out my entire theory right now, I'd use up much more space.

That's OK by me. Generally, I prefer the minor changes and reinterpretations
you're proposing to the whole-scale overhauling of our sources (*NO* Kings of
Dragon Pass; *TWO* Feathered Queens conferring sovereignty) that Peter has

You make a very persuasive argument about the link between Moirades being hailed
as King of Dragon Pass, the Inhuman King's role in conferring this title, and
the use of Dragonewt mercenaries at the fall of Boldhome. I'll buy it.

> I'd rather say that [Arim's] courtship lasted for 15 years, and that the
> marriage sealed this "arduous but pleasant experience".

No reason why not. We know the courtships can be protracted (cf. Sartar).

> Peter came up with a nice solution for the Moirades muddle:
> Make "Moirades lived for 59 years" into "Moirades ruled for 59 years".
> This would make Pharandros' activities in and around 1625 the activities
> of a crown-prince or co-ruler of Tarsh...

I can't see anything wrong with this proposal. Since we KNOW Moirades is King of
Tarsh in 1620 (from the Genertela Book), the death-date given in KoS must be
incorrect. This is a very elegant solution.

Peter seems (from Joerg's summary and my memory: I'm at work and don't have my
books and archives handy) to be to denying that most *ANYONE* was ever King of
Dragon Pass, with Sartar, Tarkalor and Moirades all talking through their arses.
I really don't like this suggestion.

> The author [of CHDP] would have had to be heroic if he pointed out
> the questionable legitimacy of Argrath's claims for Princeship during
> the prolonged lifetime of Kallyr.

I think he was chancing his arm anyway by referring to Argrath's recent and
humiliating defeat at Yoran in the History without offering any palatable
excuses (Evil Lunar Chaos Sorcery!).

> The picture of Argrath mounting a (centaur?) mare, stag or whatever
> form Tara would take from behind does have a certain Celtic appeal...

I have to agree. But I don't think that this attractive picture was the Whole



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