Re: Uz symbolism/psychology

Date: Mon 19 Feb 1996 - 22:00:38 EET

In Glorantha Digest V2 #387, Paul "Runelord" Heinz writes:
>Male trolls are also sent outside to hunt and generally do what their
>mother or wives tell them to do but look forward to returning to the
>safe warm "womb" of their cave or underground dwelling.

I agree with lots of what Paul writes, and think that the Good Son/Bad Son
split is a useful starting point for understanding Karrg and ZZ (but not the
whole picture). I am suspicious, though, of the description of the uz womb
or caves as warm, with all the positive connotations that word has for
humans. Trolls have the same connotations for "cool," and that's how they'd
describe wombs or caves in contrast to Komor, the hurtplace (surface world).
 [Maybe teenaged trolls say something is "warm" if they like it--cf. human
teenagers' use of "cool."]

Uz are not like us. They are not mammalian. They are not just big
anthropophagous people with crude weapons and thick fat who hate fire. They
have the "Man" rune, but that similarity to humans has been made too much of.
 We need to pare down the Man rune to determine just what it means. Uz are
alien, inhuman, other.

- --Martin


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