Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #382

Date: Mon 19 Feb 1996 - 13:13:14 EET

From: "Nick Brooke (D&T CAS)" <>

>I'm a bit surprised to hear that this tendency isn't more manifest in
>France, which is, after all, internationally famous for its pose of
>cultural snobbery and superiority. As well for as inflicting Chaotic
>Atrocities on innocent South Pacific islands...

I know you have had head up your ass a few time brooke but this takes
the biscuit. This is not the forum for you xenphobic politics.

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David Boatright

Overheard at Convulsion
First voice "Nicke Brooke is he a sub-cult of Irrippi Ontor ......"
Contemplative silence
Second Voice "Nah, he's a wanker"
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