The Abridged Feathered Queens Debate

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Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 00:06:00 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

I've ignored the more frivolous comments to concetrate upon his
substantial points:

>In fact, the Inhuman King does infer the sovereignty over DP to the victor
>of the contest between the most successful suitor and the current avatar
>queen of the land. Check p.136:

That is for Sartar's marriage. There is no evidence that he presided
over the _earlier_ marriages. As for the Inhuman King Presence, so

what? Dragonewts are notoriously unpredictable and unreliable. The
Inhuman King may not have even comprehended that he was marrying the

>Of course, Peter says that the Sartarites got it wrong, but Phargentes
>apparently did not think that Tarkalor got it wrong when he married FHQ3.

That is a Sartarite PoV. Phargentes may have been competing for the
hand of the Feathered Horse Queen but he may not have recognized that
marrying her conferred KoDP status. He couldn't have married the Tarsh
Exiles for they were hostile to him having offed the previous king.
Moraides marriage to their FQ looks like a peacemaking gesture IMO.

>I'd say the author of JTC #271,852 used the book delivered to the Grand
>Wedding of '43 as his source for his indexing, and abstained from any
>comments on the discrepancys, like the date of King Moirades' death.

Then how does he get the reign length of Yarandros and the fact that he
was KoDP (which is not attested to in the CHDP)? I'm not disputing that
the CHDP was used, merely that the compiler had access to other sources.

>>Then in the Tarsh King List we find that Illaro marries Sorana Tor in
>>1455 but is not reckoned as King of Dragon Pass!

>By the unnamed author of this scribble into the Jonstown Compendium digged
>up by Zin. This is mainly because Illaro did not rule over even more than
>40% of the human lands of the Pass.

Illaro ruled over Tarsh proper, the Kerofini Tribes and the Far Point
Tribes. Sartar ruled over the Quivini and the Grazers are only _allied_
to him. It seems to me that Illaro filfulls this (thoroughly un)mythical
property qualification to a greater degree than Sartar!

>>The nature of Illaro's death becomes clear. He attempted to mate
>>with the Lady of the Wild to become King of Dragon Pass, 'lost his
>>connection' and was struck dead.

>Was this a veneral disease?

Look up Onan.

>>Therefore marrying Sorana Tor does not confer Kingship over Dragon

>Marrying a Sorana Tor doesn't, evidently. But then Illaro did not even
>manage to gain sovereignty over all of Tarsh, since he had to negotiate
>with the Aldachuri.

And Sartar had sovereignty over the Grazers?

>>Argrath is said to have married the Feathered Horse Queen (twice!) but
>>he is not reckoned as King of Dragon Pass until 1643.

>By our hasty collator of Jonstown Compendium #271,852, IMO a mere copyist
>from the CHDP.

Then why doesn't he reckon Argrath as KoDP from his marriage to the
Feathered Horse Queen?

>While the picture of Argrath mounting a (centaur?) mare, stag or whatever
>form Tara would take from behind does have a certain Celtic appeal, I am, as
>Peter states, not convinced.

It was a HeroQuest. Ironhoof saw her as a centaur. Argrath and others
would have seen her as a human (save perhaps Yarandros who would have
seen her as a horse being a Grazer and all that).

>For instance with the question who the oh-so-wealthy husband of FHQ5 could
>have been, if not Moirades who was known for his extreme wealth (he even fed
>the lowland Lunars in time of famine):

Who said it had to be a King? It could be like y'know a filthy rich
Lunar from the Saird and Sylila. Or someone from Nochet? The other
two competitors for the hand of the first FHQ were not Kings.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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