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From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 05:43:21 EET

>FWIW The representation of Zorak Zoran has the Third Eye is used by
>non-Trolls who deny his trollish ancestry.

        Do human worshippers of ZZ necessarily deny his trollish ancestry? I
imagine the human ZZ/Arkati do not deny his trollish ancestry, for example,
they just don't think its important.

> The trolls dont
>particularly care about eyes (cf the lack of attention paid to them
>in the non-troll Kyger Litor initiation ceremony). I'm not aware of
>the reason why ZZ has three as the only association that springs to
>mind is enlightenment (which I reject for obvious reasons).

        While I think its quite interesting..... Zorakarkat? I can see there
being illuminated ZZers due to this connection (probably illuminated sorcery

using ZZers), and I am sure they are a Nysalorians worst nightmare. ('I know
what you are, and I am here to kill you').

> I'm not
>sure any troll would recognize ZZ and XU as being Not-Trolls

        I agree - I think that they think ZZers are non-trolls about as much
as humans think Humakti are non-humans.

        I agree with fire = evil for trolls. Fire to trolls is the thing to
be afraid of, and fire magicians are the classic evil magicians (much as
necromancers and diabolists are to humans). They even view smiths with great
suspicion due to their association with fire.

Erik said that the Lords of Terror write up refers to scorpion men as "she"
>probably out of a sense of political correctness

        I refer you to the Nephilim rulesbook, which uses feminine pronouns
exclusively, and claims in the front that they are used 'because players of
the game are expected to be exclusively female, and not because we are some
kind of PC nazis'. But seriously, I like the scorpion maid terminology.

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