Greg's a contradiction

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 00:21:37 EET

Martin says:
> Only if you can come up with some reason why she would want to. It's not a
> very colorful idea. I'd vote for the idea of a cloak made of flayed ducks
> simply on the basis of it being a cool idea.
But all this bit about
> timelines strikes me as pointless because (a) I doubt Greg has it straight,
> either, and (b) Greg obviously put contradictions in the sources for his own

> reasons (about which I refuse to speculate in print). Give us something
> meatier, Joerg.

I'd like to ask whether anyone has some interesting reasons (as usual, they
don't have to have anything to do with reality { ok, so now you can tell the
truth if you know it}) why Greg _did_ put contradictions in the sources.

The obvious reason is to try and show the bias that supposed historical
references have, especially in times that had little, or later no, literacy.

Any others?
Robert McArthur


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