Karsht's milk

From: JOSE RAMOS (ramos@crpp.u-bordeaux.fr)
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 11:55:42 EET

        I have a suggestion for Erik. If you know the Epic Comic Electra
Assassin (Miller-Sienkiewicz), an excellent graphic novel, there you have a
cult of assassins, serving a demigod that wants to destroy the world
(familiar?). This cults uses the milk of the Beast to mind control victims, in
rituals and to ensure fidelity to the cult. The paralellism is obvious. Karsht
is the Maw, but also the Mother, and Mothers give milk. Having a divine drug
(got through heroquest) that gives temporal mind-control is an excellent
plot-hook, and fits nicely with the cult. Also the Milk gives power but is
addictive, a great combination for control.
        So what we have is that after the ceremony all the cultists get to
partake of the milk of the mother (reminding also of the milk of Shub Niggurath
in a CoC module). The spy, being illuminated, is not controlled, but the rest
        Just a suggestion, usable in play (which is all this is about).

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