Wenelia and Boar worshippers

From: Barbara Braun (zbraun@minyos.its.rmit.EDU.AU)
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 12:21:45 EET

G'day all this is Andrew emailing,

Does anyone have some good info on Wenelia and the Boar
tribesmen/worshippers there ? I am running a tournament and I have an
exiled "one of the above" and in order to make sure his background is
correct with Glorantha knowledge so far revealed I'm trying for any
unpublished campaign specific info out there (A really stupid idea in a
way because I have just skimmed every source I've got, which is most of
them, and its taken a good twenty hours or more).

I've chatted to Nick and I agree with him that Wenelians are the sort of
primitive raiding barbarians Tacitus described and are more afraid of
their gods than anything. They raid for sacrifices to give their gods in
order that they don't have to sacrifice themselves. The Boar is a
beserking warrior cult. The clans are mixed hsunchen worshippers who are
partially Orlanthi storm worshipper, although using different names, and
primarily hunter/gatherers with small kitchen gardens rather than fields.

In particular do I just call the Boar God Mralot ? or is there a
groovier/official name out there ?

Any info in the next couple of days, before I make it out of whole cloth,
would be appreciated.

Cheers, Andrew
PS when is David Hall going to talk about our other discovery after RQ
Con DU in the pouring rain of Far Point (Marysville) that Elmal is a
step-brother to Vinga and bedded Ernalda once Orlanth was gone in order
to have the authority to kick Vinga out of the stead. (I probably have
that wrong so I will leave it to people with notebooks to correct me).


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