Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #389

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 13:13:43 EET

Nick Brooke:
>(NB: if you're *really* seriously curious, you could
> always email Paul Reilly and ask his opinion...).
You did it, Nick. Paul will hate you forever for this. :-)

David Cake:
> Erik said that the Lords of Terror write up refers to scorpion men as "she"
> >probably out of a sense of political correctness
AND because the race is led by females, so I wouldn't be surprised if
the "general" pronoun in the scorpion people tongue is female.

NB, I didn't object to the use of the word because of any deep
feelings about political correctness, but because a MASCULINE word was
paired with a FEMININE pronoun consistently. Feels strange.
Besides, it was mostly meant as a joke, but who cares.......

Erik Sieurin


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