Greg's contradictions

From: John Hughes (
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 19:07:16 EET

Howdy Folks

Rob MacArthur speculates on deliberate contradictions in Greg's writings.

* The obvious reason is to try and show the bias that supposed historical
* references have, especially in times that had little, or later no, literacy.

* Any others?

Who was King Arthur?
Who was Prince Argrath?

My guess is that Greg wants us to create our own myth, not to passively
soak up some one-true-world. A myth needs room to elicite your response.
YOU need to consciously decide, and create, and sift through your own
understanding and ideas. Contradictions and puzzles invite this response,
and drag you into the process of mutual creation.

(Not that anyone on the Digest seems to need much prodding :))



    ... a flying arrow, a crashing wave, night old ice, a coiled snake,
    a bride's bed talk, a broken sword, the play of bears, a king's son.
                                                             Havamal 86.


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