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From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 18:44:00 EET

Zorak Zorans's Third Eye -

Since trolls are primarily sonic critters, perhaps the ZZ's "third eye" is a
poor translation, and actually refers to a "third ear".

Disobedient Daughters:

I think Paul's initial concept of XU as the "Too compasionate" daughter is
fine. After all, doesn't she help not-trolls, too, and even once that
dispicable Glowing Thing? (Whose myth is that, anyway? No DHappan would
ever concieve of it...) Note that XU as a non-troll deity would probably

not have the "disobedient" aspect.

PM> However this does not gibe with troll perceptions of ZZ as a
Troll Death God or (IMO) human perceptions of him as the Dark
Side of Lodril.

Where does the ZZ as Dark Lodril come from? While there are similarities
(underground, fire, disorder) there are huge gulfs between the two (Lodril
as Earth, Fertility, ZZ as Death and Cruelty). As far as I can tell, these
latter aspects are not shared between them at all.
Is there any overbearing evidence for this?

Is not the "Cruel God" at the Hill of Gold Zorak Zoran? How about the
Selfish God - Orlanth?

>Hmm. What's the Entekosiad say about Deshkorgos?

Not much that I can recall.

>Does anyone have some good info on Wenelia and the Boar
tribesmen/worshippers there ?

David Dunham has some Wenelain info on his website.



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