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Hello to you all.

     I've been reading this newsgroup for some weeks now, but this is
the first time I felt like contributing something.

     I'm gamemastering a group using the German Edition of RQ. In the
last adventure one of my players used this spell named
´Entseelen´, meaning something like soul grasp:

     Soul Grasp (divine)
     3 points, range: 100 meter, duration: 1 phase, not combinable,

reusable This spell cuts the tie between the body and the soul of the
target. The user has to overcome the targets magic points with his
own(test - magic points vs. magicpoints). In the case of a success,
the target is dead. Otherwise it will suffer 1D6 hit points directly
at his life points having effects similar to a poisoning.

I dodn't know if this spell can be found in the Enlish version, that's
why I translated it and put it down here. I think this spell is much
too powerful although it costs 3 points of divine magic. I had someone
killing my neat big monster in no time without even getting close to
it. Did I misinterpret something? Can this spell perhaps only be used
on humans? I'd like to get some feedback on this.

     Thanks guys,


(P.S: RQ forever)


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