Borists and more

From: Durupt Jean (
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 21:04:32 EET

Hi all,

Well, it seems there was a black hole on the net who ate
my last message.


the castes
I stand with Erik Sieurin on this question, since
I find his idea more convincing.
BTW to answer your question, in 1994 in France there
was 1 deacon for 30 priests.

If they think Arkat was killed, I think they call their
technique God Weapon to Ferret out Gbaji Worshippers
(aka illuminates)
Others might call it illumination.

Hasni Mubarak on sorcery
I play that a sorcery spell last 10 min if it is not
linked to the sorceror's presence. 1 round if he is dropped.

Magical societies
I wonder what it takes to create one, what is the life of
a member. In particular, what does the red school of masks look
like. Maybe Mortander Deville can describe it.

On a real life topic
I have noticed a recent surge of bad temper on the digest. I
think that all those who are involved should cool down. Let us
say they had a bad week.



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