Usefulness and Black moons

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 21:05:00 EET

> What do people think, should the dark of the moon be Black or Unseen?

Nick replies that the new/dying Moon should be black w/in the Glowline.
 This fits well with the Goddess's ancient identity as Sedayna, the Black

Philippe> I think that the incitations were less present in RQ II.....

So play RQII. Play Cuthulu. Don't let your PC's become illuminated. No
biggie. Why should the world stop because some of the people you've met do
something you don't like in RQIII? This is the Glorantha digest, last I

Be constructive - ask interesting questions about or share informative
stories of Glorantha.
Frex: "How might the Empire deal with illuminated people who have used
their gift of enlightenment to bypass the laws of social decency?"



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