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Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 23:56:06 EET

Nick Brooke wrote

>I'm NOT saying that Wenelia was God-Learned, BTW: the locals are just too
>backward and primitive to have been worth the effort. Even the Lightbringers
>didn't take root there, merely passing through on their way to Ralios!

Given that Harmast spent time in Corolaland, and that from my brief glance
at Harmast's Saga he took off from the Hill of Orlanth Victorious in a
flying chariot, I always assumed he flew over the mountains to get to
Ralios, rather than taking the southern route.

>Their culture-hero, Wendel, was born of
>a lightning-struck oak tree, and this is still one of the most significant
>rituals of their religion.

This would probably make him a son of Humath, were he born in my Ralios. (I
think Humath must have been the Ralios god of the destructive storm.)

>> What does the dark part of the moon look like during daytime?
>IMHO, outside the Glowline it fades into the blue sky, so the Moon is all but
>unseen in its Dying and Black phases during both day and night, except when it
>occults bright objects

I had thought that being black would enhance MGF (by making the moon
Different), but your way is better, since it allows the moon to be more
easily ignored in far-off places -- if it was always visible in some form,
it would be more important.

Pam Carlson wrote

>David Dunham has some Wenelain info on his website.

No, but if Nick gives me some, I'd gladly post it. (Pam might be thinking
of "How to Tell the Barbarians Apart," where Mike Dickison summarized the
Bastisi, who I think are neighbors of the Wenelians.)

Timo Euler asked about the spell "Entseelen," which in English is Sever
Spirit. In Glorantha, this spell is one-use for all deities except Humakt.
Yes, it's powerful, but for 3 points of rune magic, it's about right (at
least I haven't seen complaints before).

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