sever spirit

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 02:04:00 EET

Welcome, Timo!

> Soul Grasp (divine)
> 3 points, range: 100 meter, duration: 1 phase, not combinable,

Yup. That's "Sever Spirit" in English, and it's just as nasty. 3 point
divine spells from war/death cults tend to be.
Sever Spirit is kind of balanced, because it has to overcome MP, (whereas
the other two almost-lethal 3 pointers - Sunspear and Thunderbolt - don't).
 And it's stopable by magic (Shield, Countermagic, sorcery). But it is
ugly, especially if you have a _character_ on the receiving end of it. (Ask
David Dunham!)

To control it among your PC's make it difficult to renew. Make the priest
in charge if the renewal shrine (or Humakt!) want a full accounting of how
the spell was used, or renewing it may require a difficult sacrifice to
Humakt. Zorak Zoran has it too - and that spell alone makes those two cults
pretty frightening to most Gloranthans. Yanafal Tarnils also has Sever
Spirit, but he's so nice and upstanding....

The spell should be useable in anything alive. Humakt (who "owns" it)
doesn't care what he kills.

And there's always the "Seattle Solultion" - retire all the combat heavy
PC's and have the everybody play farmers!



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