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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 03:50:15 EET

David Dunham
>Basim and its ruling Basmol clan. I certainly don't expect lions
roaming around >Ralios, but I assume these Basmoli still have the
transformation magic >(despite, on my Web page, saying the Basmoli
are extinct). However, I imagine >that unlike other hsunchen, lions
are never born to Basmoli mothers.
        If the rulers of Basim still actively practice Basmol
worship, I'm sure they still get their transformation magic. The
Basmoli of Prax do, and there hasn't been a lion seen in the Wastes
since the Great Darkness.
        Lions might be born to Basmoli mothers, but I suspect they
are born dead (or sterile, at best). In any case, I do not believe
that _all_ Hsunchen peoples give birth to their totem animals and
vice versa. In fact, I think this is a fairly rare occurrence. I
believe, for instance, that among the Fronelan Rathori, cross-births
only occur on ceremonial occasions.

Sandy P.


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