Re: More of Basmol in Ralios

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 03:57:08 EET

Peter M. asks
>What's wrong with Big Cats in Ralios?
        Lions were exterminated in Ralios. This is part of the
mythos of the ancient Westerners and Basmoli alike.

Basmol Computing Officer
>I think in Pamaltela, Basmol is still alive. And if there are any
Basmoli >there, they have lions.
        In Pamaltela, there is a Lion God, and the God Learners
equated him with Basmol. But his mythic origin, his spiritual
connections, his antecedents, and his place in the cosmos are quite
different. The Six-Leggers finally gave up the attempt to make him
Basmol, and accepted him on his own terms. This does not mean that
the Basmoli did not originally come from Pamaltela. I believe that
they may well have done so.



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